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  • Diagnostics: We do a complete examination on every patient, including necessary x-rays, soft tissue and cancer examination as well as TMJ and bite exam. We check for decay and defective restorations and do a thorough periodontal (gum) examination.

  • Prevention & Wellness: Prevention is the most important part of your dental health. Our office provides cleanings, home care instructions, bite guards for tooth grinding, athletic guards, fluoride treatments, and dental sealants to prevent problems before they occur.

  • Cosmetic Procedures (Esthetic Dentistry): Dr. Mott and his staff are well versed in esthetic procedures. Our goal is to provide the most esthetic dentistry possible by using composite (tooth colored) fillings, esthetic crowns, veneers or by conservatively recontouring your teeth. A combination of one or more of these techniques usually gives you your desired esthetics.

  • Tooth Replacement: We can replace missing teeth in a few different ways. The first is with dental implants. The implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth, or as a denture anchor. We also offer more traditional fixed bridges, partial dentures, and complete dentures.

  • Patient Safety: We make it our priority to use the safest equipment, gloves, eyewear, uniforms, and masks. all reusable instruments are sterilized between patients. The instruments that can't be sterilized are disposed of between patients. Our sterilizer is monitored weekly by The Ohio State University for proper function.

  • Patient Comfort: Our office attempts to make your visits as relaxed a s possible. We understand how uneasy many patients may feel about their dental visits. We use modern dental techniques complete with satellite TV, radio, and stereo headphones. Local anesthetics and nitrous oxide are also used to make your visit as pleasant as possible. Emergencies are also top priority.

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